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FlavouringYour Senses
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  Make it Fun

TV cake personalities have not only sparked a widespread interest in cake decorating, but have also opened the door to an appreciation of a new medium of art where cakes can take any form. My passion for cake design started with a fascination which eventually became a personal desire to create something meaningful. The result was FLAVOUR, launched as a means of creative expression and most importantly, as a way to have some fun!

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  Make it Fresh

Visually and on the palate. A cake should not only wow with its external presentation, but also with its taste. This year FLAVOUR introduces a new menu including several seasonal selections. Fresh coconut cake, maple crunch, and pumpkin spice are just a few of the new arrivals. As always, baked fresh and using quality inputs. For ongoing clients, no need to worry. Some of your favourites are still on the menu!

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  Make it Fabulous

Excellence is in the details. A line of stitching. A delicate, handmade sugar flower. Clean lines and polished edges. Its the details that can take any endeavour from good to great. Kapil Raj says it best. "Commit to OAD: Obsessive Attention to Detail. World class people and organizations always do." Because the little things truly are the big ones and if there was a mantra for me to live by, this would be it.


BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS OF QUALITY.First time in Ranchi, The most spectacular cake shop in Ranchi and Ramgarh, chiefly specialized in offering scrumptious bakery products and desserts in fabulous flavours and tastes at unbeatable price ranges. You can find an eclectic range of best tasting cake varieties to choose from. Our cakes chiefly stand for superior quality, unparalleled design ranges and lip-smacking taste that never fails to titillate your taste buds!


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